• About Us

    Zhejiang Jinhua Huatong Medical Appliance Co.,Ltd is the developing,researching and manufacturing base in the field of medical products which gets special supports from Europe.We commit to manufacture“class II”and“class III”medical apparatus approved by State Drug Administration(CFDA).

    We have dedicated to medical accessories product developing,researching and manufacturing for 30 years.We have 100,000 level purification workshops and various advanced experimental equipments and detecting instruments and ultrasonic modeling machines.

    Our existing products cover a wide product range including:

    -Electrosurgical pencil(also called ESU pencil/Cautery pencil/Diathermy pencil),with or without holster

    -Electrosurgical smoke evacuation pencil.

    -Various electrosurgical electrodes(PTFE electrodes,Leep electrodes,Tungsten Needle,extra long electrodes etc),

    -Electrosurgical pad,with or without assembled cable

    -Various medical cables,such as cable for electrosurgical pad.

    -Tip Cleaner(Tip cleaning sponge)

    Our products are sold to more than 500 hospitals in China.

    The Quality Testing Center of our unit is supervision and testing institute authorized by Jinhua Technical Supervision Bureau.We have dedicated to electrosurgical accessories for

    22 years,and have accumulated adequate experience.This assures that the test evaluation and analysis of our products and raw material are leading level in China all the time.

    Our products actually are well sold in both domestic market and international market,the production capacity for electrosurgical pencil is 500,000pcs each month,and products are certificated with:

    -CE,ISO13485 issued by TUV

    -SFDA approved by Chinese Ministry of Health

    -China Free Sales Certificate

    -European Free Sales Certificate

    Huatong has been holding the core values that quality is the life of an enterprise,which is guiding the whole process of R&D,manufacture and service,and serve the clients from around the world with international quality experience.


    Our products are designed by our highly skilled group of engineers who has many years of experience developing high quality and reliable medical products.

    HUATONG Quality Assurance

    Our quality management system is certified according to the standards of ISO 13485:2016 and our products are carrying the CE mark in conformity with the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC Annex ll as amended,section 3.2–Full quality assurance system.

    HUATONG Sales

    We believe that the key to create a successful medical business is by having a close cooperation with our distributors worldwide as well as close relations to healthcare professionals.

    HUATONG Business

    This way we will be able to monitor the market and adapt to the requirements in a fast and continuously evolving environment,and act according to it,making HUATONG and our products your first choice.

    Hello, What do you need from us?
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